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Lucrative Workforce Development
in Washington, DC 


The Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge Project offers workforce development, contracting, and employment opportunities. For more information visit the South Capitol Builders (SCB) website.

The local government is looking ahead to the future of the city with projects such as The Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge Project. As part of the larger Anacostia Waterfront Initiative (AWI) Program, this bridge project will literally serve as a connection to people, places, and prospects. It is already being heralded as a prime source for workforce development in Washington, DC.

Contribute Your Expertise and Skills


A project of this scope requires a lot of work performed by professionals with a variety of skills. Are you ready to start a new job? Our bridge project provides employment opportunities in Washington, DC, for all types of contractors.


Additionally, our work to improve the roadways includes I-295 construction projects in Washington, DC. If you have experience as a highway contractor, your skills will help us do a great job for drivers and The District as a whole. The work you provide will expand access to our area and make it more accessible to visitors and regional residents that commute.


The Bridge to a Brighter Future 


When it comes to any kind of building project, seeing a structure rise up from nothing lets you know that it is real. A visit to the bridge worksite through our photo gallery provides you with a glimpse of how the vision is becoming reality. Stay up to date on this exciting bridge project by reading our newsletter.


Contact us for development and job opportunities related to the construction of the new memorial bridge dedicated to Frederick Douglass. We are providing prospects for people in the greater Washington, DC, area.  

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